A group of five English children are on a study vacation in Italy with their families when they decide to take a day trip with a local driver. Changing routes on their way back from the short trip, they get stuck inside the bus after a mysterious being invades the roadway and kills the driver. It is night, they are alone in the middle of a deserted road, the clock is ticking, and each passing minute diminishes their chances of survival in the face of that unknown entity’s threats more and more.

The story follows a group of kids-Nolan, Bess, REggie, Queenie, and Karl-who are riding home from school in a red bus driven by driver Joe. As they are riding along the usual route that will lead them to their homes, Joe runs into an obstacle that forces him to take a detour off the main road, to take precisely a shortcut to continue on his route. Of course, this will only cause a lot of trouble for the poor kids.
For starters, they will have to deal with a man with severe mental illness who has just escaped from prison and is trying to throw off the trail so as to escape the cops who are hunting him. But that’s not the end of the story; in fact, the boys realize that a crazed criminal in the flesh may be the least of their problems because they find themselves facing a mysterious being whose existence no one knows and who will force them to join forces in order to survive.

Produced by

Play Entertainment con Camaleo, Sternberg Film, Mad Rocket Entertainment


Minerva Pictures Group


20 May 2020