Ettore (Fabrizio Bentivoglio), a well-known writer, analog guru and public enemy of the Internet, brings his whole family to his mountain chalet on the occasion of his birthday, and tries to finally bond his two sons, Claudio (Eugenio Franceschini), an online poker player, and Giulio (Lorenzo Zurzolo), a nerdy, introverted high school student, with his second wife, the beautiful, young and somewhat ‘naïve’ Margherita (Carolina Crescentini), who is seven months pregnant. Also joining the group are Achille (Ricky Memphis), Margherita’s half-brother who has just been kicked out of the house by his wife, and Tea (Giulia Elettra Gorietti), Claudio’s young girlfriend and devoted fan of Ettore. Arriving at the chalet, they find Olga(Antonia Liskova), the very reliable Ukrainian nanny, with her daughter Stella(Benedetta Porcaroli), a teenager addicted to social networking. Also arriving by surprise is Palmiro(Stefano Fresi), the bipolar brother of Margherita and Achille, who has escaped from the nursing home. When the group is suddenly left without an Internet connection, everyone panics…and the consequences will be rocambolic. The protagonists’ secrets and beliefs will soon be overturned, the “disconnection” will confront them with all their insecurities, and they will have to reset and start over.